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We come to you mobile detailing service has a two car minimum for a flat fee of $50.00 within 25 miles of our shop zip code of 20705. One car the flat fee is $80.00
  • Cars

    Price: $240

  • Small SUV/Crossover/Wagon

    Price: $260

  • Reg. SUV

    Price: $275

  • Large SUV

    Price: $290

  • XL

    Price: $300

New Vehicle Protection Package - Estimated Time (3-4 hours)
Cars-$240, Small SUV/Wagon-$260, Reg. SUV-$275, Large SUV-$290 XL-$300

This package is designed for cars that are 2 years old or younger only. This gives the new car owner ease of mind because it protects the paint, clear coat, interior carpets, mats and seats. The best maintenance is preventive maintenance. Don’t pay $500.00 or more at the dealer for sub par results. Order with us today!

  • Hand Clay Bar Wash and drying of vehicle with micro-fiber towel. Clay bar will remove light contaminants and prep the paint to receive paint sealant protection and buff.
  • Application of polish to remove light oxidation to enhance shine and gloss
  • A paint sealant is applied by buffer to protect the paint from environmental fallout, acid rain and the sun’s UV rays. The paint sealant protects the vehicles paint for up to 9-12 months!
  • Door, trunk jambs and gas cap area cleaned
  • Fender scrubbed to remove bug splatter and road grime
  • Tires and wheel wells dressed
  • Full vacuum of interior including between seats and trunk
  • Dashboard, interior door panels, center console, cup holders wiped clean
  • Fabric Protector is applied for carpets, mats and if seats are upholstered-This helps prevent stains from food or liquids. A must if you have kids!
  • All interior leather cleaned and conditioned to keep soft
  • Vehicle wheels, wheel wells and tires scrubbed clean