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We come to you mobile detailing service has a two car minimum for a flat fee of $50.00 within 25 miles of our shop zip code of 20705. One car the flat fee is $80.00
  • Cars

    Price: $75

  • Small SUV/Crossover/Wagon

    Price: $95

  • Reg. SUV

    Price: $115

  • Large SUV

    Price: $135

  • XL

    Price: $155

Express Mini Detail-Service Estimated (1.5-2 hours)
Cars-$75, Small SUV/Wagon-$95, Reg. SUV-$115, Large SUV-$135 XL-$155

  • Basic hand washing and drying of vehicle
  • Wheels and tires cleaned and dressed
  • Bug splatter removed from grill and bumper
  • Door, trunk jambs and gas cap area cleaned
  • A spray wax is administered by hand to shine and protect for 2-4 weeks
  • Full vacuum of interior, seats and trunk including between seats
  • Door panels, dashboard, center console, door panels and cup holders cleaned
  • Interior windows, mirrors and gauges cleaned
    (add shampoo of Carpet Mats only for $20 additional)