What's the difference between automatic car washes and the hand wash Empire provides?

Automatic car washes are unsafe for your car's paint. Brushless car washes use low cost chemicals that will strip the wax and protection from your car. Car washes with brushes will cause scratches in your car's paint called swirl marks or micro scratches which ruins the appearance of your car. In addition, Federal Law requires car washes to recycle their water. Thus, they are washing your car with water contaminated with acid, salt, road grime and everything else! This acidic water will strip any wax or sealant you have on your car, ruin convertible tops and damage your clear coat in about 38 seconds! An Empire car detail always starts with a hand wash. Our hand wash is with fresh clean water, biodegradable soap and a soft wash mitt. We only use microfiber towels on the clear coat paint as to prevent any damage. Unlike other speed based washes, we never, ever use the same towel that touches the wheels, rims, tires or interior on your paint. In addition, during Empire's car wash your automobile will be given a professional cleaning without the harm that comes with going to the automatic guys.

Why do I need my car "detailed'? What's the difference between a detail and a car wash?

Auto detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail. Besides improving appearance, detailing helps to preserve resale value of a car. In addition, this may include cleaning the engine and hood compartment plus some corrective action to the interior or exterior of the car. A car wash is a basic clean designed to remove dirt, grime and dust from the exterior and interior of a car. There is no corrective action or restoration involved with a car wash.

My car is relatively new with a clear coat? How should I protect it?

A car is the second biggest investment most people will have in their life. New cars have usually been sitting on the lot or have been in transit for months before you drive away with them. New car dealerships rarely carry out full details on new vehicles, so there is a plethora of contaminants in your car's paint. Having your new car detailed will start you off on the right foot. We recommend getting the vehicle clayed to remove contaminants that are microscopic on your paint and then a machine polish of the exterior with a high end paint sealant. This will ensure there is a proper layer of protection to the new paint. A clear coat does not protect your paint from the sun, environmental elements and pollution. In fact, we always say a clear coat is similar to a woman's stocking. Any and everything will scratch or damage it! Here at Empire we can consult you on proper washing techniques and the best ways to preserve the great shine you have!

I'm selling my car and want to get the highest value. What do you recommend?

When you are selling your vehicle, having it clean inside and out will show the potential buyer that this vehicle is cared for. We would recommend Empire's Executive Detail. This package will definitely transform your car and increase its resale value. In addition, potential used car buyers want a car to look "new" but for a used car price. Our Executive Detail will restore your cars past glory. In addition, visit our Sell My Ride page. We can sell your car on your behalf! The price of the service includes a free detail! We will negotiate, market, garage and sell your car. We take the hassle out of private party sales.

What products do you use?

We use a variety of professional grade products and cleaners. 99% of our products are biodegradable. Upon request we can provide you the product details or MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) if need be.

Will you be able to remove scratches from my car? What about that hazy/swirly look?

Empire Auto Detailers can remove certain scratches from the exterior clear coat of a car. The rule of thumb is the scratch has to be on the surface of the clear coat paint. If you can feel it with your finger nail the scratch is too deep to be removed. However if you can't feel the scratch with your fingernail there is a great possibility the scratch can be removed. If your car has swirls or a dull look to it, Empire can restore that new shiny look to your car. We can restore damaged clear coat to as like new as we possibly can with our Exterior Rejuvenation service.

How long does a wax and sealant job last?

Empire's wax job typically last between 3-4 months (compared to many of our competitor's that last 1-2 months!). Our paint sealant last approximately 6-9 months Empire's wax and sealant last longer because of the high grade of product that we use. However, the amount of protection time varies due to the behavior of the customer. The more automatic car washes you go thru the protection time decreases. The more you protect your car from the elements the longer the protection time increases. Eg. If your car is garaged kept as opposed to parked outside, the garage protects your car so the sealant or wax does not have to work.

Can I have my car polished but not waxed?

Polishing your car is what levels out the clear coat paint. It brings out the depth to the paint and has some small amount of grit to help correct some minor abrasions to the paint. However, polishing adds no protection to your vehicle and in fact, usually strips any previous coat of wax on the paint. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that the car is waxed or synthetically sealed after polishing to "lock in" the polish and protect your car, yielding long lasting protection and shine.

If I purchase Empire's interior detailing package will every stain and imperfection be removed?

It all depends on the type of stain, how long the stain has been ingrained in the material. Empire will use an all purpose cleaner to pre spot the stain. This will help as we follow up and use an interior shampoo to scrub and extract the troubled area. We follow that up and use a white towel to soak up as much of the dirt that is making the stain dark as possible. While pre-treating and steam extraction (part of our service) is the most effective cleaning procedure available, some spills (especially any with reddish dyes or synthetic stains), can actually damage and dye carpet and upholstery fibers. Once this occurs, these fabrics can be cleaned, but color change is permanent unless material is replaced or re-dyed.